Mark zegt waar het op staat.

Als je wilt blijven hangen in het brein van je doelgroep, let dan op dit icoon. Het icoon symboliseert een brandmerk, wat staat voor opvallendheid en kwaliteit. We noemen 'm Mark.

Why you need explain animations

We make rocket science go viral.

Obviously you are aware of digital content going viral. Often it involves some silly cats. But once in a while interesting knowledge gets the attention by millions. This is the good stuff. Stuff that we as an animation studio like to make.

So yeah, we make 'explainer video's' or as we put it: an explain animation. And we are good at it. So we love it when you approach us with loads of data, statistics or abstract ideas that need to be known to mankind. Our team of content directors, illustrators and animators can make anything easy and accessible. Just because we believe sharing knowledge, ambitions or great plans means the world to the world.

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Stars #2
Math #1
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Effects of explain animations

How your ambition can spread like a virus

In order for anything to evolve to something better you need to give your surroundings a deeper understanding of the content. This goes for organizational change as it does for new ideas. Collective knowledge is the starting point for innovation.

For this reason we are so passionate about sharing knowledge. And the 21st century has given us some great ways to do so. Abstract concepts are best explained by animation. Simply because animation allows you to visualize, to make things attractive for any audience and an animation video is easily shared. Our studio is expert in making your animations. We offer different styles and can deliver within 14 days.

Bubble Collection
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Sharp Bulbs

Here's how the animation is made

A factory based production process

  • 01. In-take

    During this conversation we'll discuss the objective, target group and core of your message. Our content directors are passionate journalists well versed in psychology. You can expect sharp questions.

  • 02. Scripting

    The content director writes a captivating speech, which can be recorded by a voice actor. We revise this speech two times until its spot on.

  • 03. Production

    When the speech is finished, the content director starts with the visual description. This is graphically designed by our illustrators.We need one revision session to align on the storyboard. After this we can start with the production.

  • 04. Post-production

    Once the storyboard is agreed upon, you'll get the opportunity to select a narrator for you animation. Once that is determined, we'll proceed with animating your video. As soon as we are finished, one last correction round takes place.

  • 05. Delivery

    This seems an obvious step, but good content requires to be launched like a rocket. Our producers know how to get this done.

“These people not only produce the most epic animations. They are fast, clear on budget requirements and strict to deadlines.”

Awesome styles to choose from.
But we can consult.

Flat and Line animations

This is why we should start yesterday

It's time to enlighten your world with knowledge

Some of our clients involve multinationals that want to give insights new innovations coming from R&D. Other clients are governmental institutions sharing statistics on the country's whereabout. And recently, we see increasingly more publishers that require us to produce animations on news items, research or educational programs. Imagine where this will bring us. If we scale up the production of knowledge we'll be able to get the whole involved in the most brilliant ideas. Trough social media we get everyone to like, to share and to help find missing pieces of the puzzle.

Stars and Clouds by Night
Clouds by Day
Moon by Night
Sun by Day
Buildings and Clouds by Night
Buildings by Day

You are not our first

Clients that we've had the pleasure working with

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Contact us

All you need to do is to get in touch

Okay, there is still so much you don't know. But that's easy to fix. All you need to do is to drop us an e-mail. Or you know what, just call. We'll be happy to give some info on pricing, timelines and other requirements even if we don't know your project in detail.
And although we're happy to drop by or guide you through our studio's: over 80% of our projects are coordinated through conference call. So if you have no interest in personal meetings. We can still have a good time.